Do you have friends who love to travel as much as you do? Why not be rewarded for sharing your love of travel? For a limited time, refer your friends and earn $200 for each couple you refer!

Would you like to take our land tour for Free? You can! Just organize a group of 10 people. Friends, relatives, your company, college, church, organization or club. bluSardinia Tours group program can offer a Free land tour (you pay only airfare) to the coordinator of a group that books group travel arrangements with us. As a bluSardinia Tours Group Coordinator, you will enjoy a unique and enriching experience. Once your trip begins, your tour guide will handle all the logistics and guide you on the trip of a lifetime, so all you need to do is enjoy the experience with everyone else. We will create customized flyers for established groups, making specific details about your trip easy to communicate to the members of your group.


Inspire new travelers to reserve a bluSardinia Tour and you will earn $200 per couple for each referral


Each couple you refer will earn a $200 tour credit to apply to their booking


Organize a group of 10 people and you will get a FREE Land Tour

Can I really travel for free?
Yes! As a bluSardinia Tours Group Coordinator, you’ll earn one free spot on a tour for every 10 full-paying travelers you bring with you. We also offer a variety of other options to fit your group’s unique needs. Call us at 1-480-930-8900 to find out more.

How do I find travelers?
Many Group Coordinators have existing networks of potential travelers. Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, club members… you get the idea!
bluSardinia Tours will support you throughout the process of planning your tour by creating flyers and/or personalized  presentations that you can use to spread the word.

The Fine Print

Please note the rules that apply to our referral program:
For each eligible new traveler you refer (per above), we’ll issue your $200 credit upon completion of travel and notify you by email.

Referred Travelers (your friends) must be new to bluSardinia Tours. They must not have booked or traveled with us in the past and must not have an existing booking for future travel.

Your referred travelers give us your full name, phone number and email address at the time of booking. If this information is unavailable at time of booking, it must be provided by 7 days after date of booking. Otherwise, the credit is no longer available.

Group Coordinator Terms & Conditions

Valid from March 1, 2021

The Group Coordinator agrees to work with bluSardinia tours to recruit participants for the specified tour under the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Group Coordinator agrees to bluSardinia Tours Terms & Conditions as outlined below.

2. Group Coordinator understands that if he/she recruits a minimum of ten full-paying travelers * he/she will receive a free tour subject to the Terms & Conditions contained in this agreement. If a minimum of ten prepaid travelers are recruited, the following benefits will apply:

3. The Group Coordinator will earn one free place on tour for every ten full-paying travelers * recruited.

4. The Group Coordinator free travel does not include airfare. It includes accommodation in a standard room as well as any other tour inclusions listed as part of the program fee. Should the Group Coordinator wish to upgrade his/her room he/she understands that he/she will be responsible for paying any supplemental fees. Group Coordinator discounts and free travel are not combinable with any promotional discounts.

5. Should the Group Coordinator not recruit the required number of travelers to earn a free trip,  his/her tour price may be reduced on a prorated basis after final payment date, depending on group size, booking date and tour cost. Price reduction is not guaranteed and is subject to discretion.

6. All benefits granted under the Group Travel Program will be based on those travelers paid in full by 30 days prior to departure. In the event that Group Coordinator does not recruit the minimum number of participants to qualify for benefits, payment in full of the program fee as determined by BluSardinia Tours will be due no later than 30 days prior to departure.

7. Group Coordinator agrees to act as liaison between the travelers in his/her group and  BluSardinia Tours. Group Coordinator must read all written materials from BluSardinia Tours and relay all relevant information to the group including, but not limited to, the Group Reservation Form, the Terms & Conditions and policies regarding travel arrangements. All participants in the group must agree to the Terms & Conditions as outlined.

*Full-paying traveler is defined as any traveler who is reserved on tour, with bluSardinia Tours and has paid in full by the final payment date for the tour.

Full-paying travelers cannot receive any promotional discounts unless an alternative benefits program is chosen with your Tour Consultant.